Road Warriors Slow Down

Edition: November 2001 - Vol 9 Number 11
Article#: 1106
Author: Repertoire

When it comes to travel plans for next 12 months, it turns out the business executives and managers are going to be staying on the road. And of those who plan to travel less, it is not predominantly because of fear for personal safety or hassle; it's the business climate. This is according to an October 2001 Travel Survey from the Net Future Institute, a US-based research firm focusing on the future of E-Business and business in general.

About half of business executives surveyed plan to travel less over the next 12 months than they traveled over the past 12 months. The decrease, however, appears to be minimal.

A total of 49.0% of respondents plan to travel less over the next 12 months than they traveled over the past 12 months. Of these executives, 63.2% claim that the projected decrease in their travel schedule is due to a shift in the business climate - that they will travel less because fewer trips are required of them. 31.4% cite inconvenience due to canceled flights, increased security, complexity of travel logistics, etc. as the reason for less travel. 25.5% say that it's a concern for personal safety, and 17.7% selected ''other.''

Other reasons for decreased travel include budget control and an increased use of video conferencing and similar technology in companies. Also, a few executives cited a desire to be closer to family and friends.

Many respondents express frustration at the cancellations and increased unpredictability of the travel industry. Other executives say that it's business as usual, and that travel is continuing unabated despite inconveniences and fear. Many others maintain that the economy has a stranglehold on their company's activities, and hence, streamlined travel plans.