Kiki Selby: A Positive Influence

Edition: October 2001 - Vol 9 Number 10
Article#: 1075
Author: Repertoire

Kiki Selby, who died of cancer in August, will be remembered for her vitality and positive attitude, say those who were close to her. Selby, 49, was general manager of HMP Stepic in Hicksville, NY, when she died.

Selby, whose actual first name was Christine, was a nurse in the cardiac ICU unit at New York Hospital/Cornell before joining Stepic – a specialty distributor – in 1982 as a sales representative. She eventually became field sales manager, director of sales, then vice president of sales and marketing. She took her position as general manager in October 2000.

''She had optimism, a sense of fairness, a tremendous work ethic and a sense of humor,'' says Ilene Mandell, HMP Stepic's marketing manager.

''She was totally energetic, and had the most positive outlook of anyone I've ever run across,'' adds Bob Stivala, HMP Stepic's vice president of sales, who worked for Selby for 12 years. ''When she wanted something done, you got it done. She really empowered people. You could work with her and be her friend.''

Echoing that comment was Peter Krones, senior regional manager for Eden Prairie, MN-based Augustine Medical, whose products are carried by HMP Stepic.

''If she told you she'd be back to you by Tuesday at 8:30, you could set your clock by it,'' he says.

Selby's contributions to the industry were far-reaching, says Krones. ''She had an amazing ability to walk that fine line serving three masters – the manufacturers, the people she worked for and with, and her customers. That's not an easy thing to do.'' Selby was extremely active physically, says Krones.

She was an avid golfer, and had run the New York Marathon and had participated in a Boston-to-New York charity bike ride for AIDS research.

''It's a sad loss to the entire community,'' adds Krones. Everyone who knew Selby in the medical industry is mourning her loss, says Krones. ''Every day that goes by, I doubt that more than a few hours go by that the lack of her presence isn't acknowledged.''

Selby was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago. She is survived by her husband, Tom, and daughter, Katie.