Bio-Vascular Deepens Niche

Edition: September 2001 - Vol 9 Number 09
Article#: 1043
Author: Repertoire

St. Paul, MN-based Bio-Vascular Inc.'s recent acquisition of MCA, a marketer of a sutureless anastomosis device, signals the company's intention to delve deeper into microsurgery and continue its diversification strategy, says company President Karen Gilles Larson.

With sales of $27 million, Bio-Vascular – which uses independent specialty distributors to bring its branded products to market – makes a line of implantable biomedical devices, including:

•Peri-Strips® staple-line reinforcement devices, which are strips of biological tissue that buttress the staple line and reduce leaks of air, blood and other body fluids. The largest and most rapidly growing market for Peri-Strips is gastric bypass, says Larson. In fact, revenue from domestic sales increased by 58 percent in the first six months of the current fiscal year.

•The Vascu-Guard® peripheral vascular patch.

•Additional biological tissue products for use in cardiac, vascular, neuro and general procedures.

The company also recently received FDA clearance to market a sling for female urinary stress incontinence.

MCA's technology is a sutureless polyethylene/stainless steel coupler that is said to produce a more uniform and reproducible vessel connection, or anastomosis, than can be achieved with sutures. In the future, this acquisition may complement Bio-Vascular's work with small-diameter grafts. The company will also seek to develop the coupler for the coronary-artery-bypass-graft market, says Larson.

Bio-Vascular's Synovis Interventional Solutions subsidiary (formerly Jerneen Micro Medical Technologies) provides custom engineering and contract manufacturing services to medical device manufacturers. The company also makes a line of surgical tools for minimally invasive procedures, such as coronary and peripheral bypass surgery.