Selling: Chapter and Verse

Edition: August 2001 - Vol 9 Number 08
Article#: 1039
Author: Repertoire

HIDA is preparing to give sales reps some of that ol' time selling religion.

The setting will be the newly created HIDA Product Training University at HIDA 2001 in San Diego.

Seven manufacturers have signed up to provide in-depth, recurring one-hour training sessions on their products Thursday and Friday mornings, Oct. 4 and 5. Some general sales-skills training will be provided as well.

The sessions – which are free to reps with full HIDA2001 registrations – will be provided concurrent to other HIDA educational sessions and will be held in the convention center.

''With business what it is today, the reps who know products better as well as selling techniques will be the most effective,'' says HIDA President Matt Rowan.

John Moran, vice president of sales for Welch Allyn – one of seven participating manufacturers – adds that the University hearkens back to HIDA-sponsored regional training sessions that used to be held on Saturday mornings.

''We're getting back to a period of time when getting our hands on the products and really selling them is back in vogue,'' says Moran, who is co-chair of HIDA2001. ''The University will help reps move in that direction.''

''With everything that distributors have on their plate, it's harder and harder to make the time for good-quality product education,'' adds Cindy Juhas, president of Hospital Associates, Anaheim, CA, and co-chair of HIDA2001. ''This is a real need in the industry. It comes up over and over again in our surveys.''

''It's great that these manufacturers are able to support it.''

Participating manufacturers are:

• Aaron Medical

• Baxter

• Midmark

• Omron

• Quidel

• Roche Diagnostics

• Welch Allyn

Moran reports that renowned Welch Allyn trainer Dr. Ben will be on hand, with a new outfit. He declined to give details of the doctor's attire.

HIDA Product Training University is free to sales reps who have full registrations for HIDA2001, or who have free passes from one of the University sponsors. Visit HIDA's website at for more information.