Specialty Manufacturers, Distributors Meet

Edition: August 2001 - Vol 9 Number 08
Article#: 1033
Author: Repertoire

NAPLES, FL--From an organization that used to close the doors of its Annual Management Conference to manufacturers, IMDA is working to become a meeting place for manufacturers of new medical technologies and specialty sales and marketing companies.

Fourteen manufacturers of innovative devices exhibited their products at the IMDA Manufacturers Forum, held during the association's recent Annual Management Conference. In addition, several non-exhibiting manufacturers were on-hand to attend educational seminars.

IMDA is the Mission, KS-based association of specialty distributors and reps. Its members represent a broad spectrum of specialties, including anesthesia/respiratory, OR, critical care, orthopedics, ICU and neonatal ICU and OB/GYN.

''The primary purpose of the Conference remains unchanged, that is, to provide our members a networking and educational forum to help increase their companies' professionalism and sales success,'' said association President Richard Manley, president of Arlington, TX-based CVC Inc. ''But we've added another element, namely, to put our members face-to-face with the most innovative medical products manufacturers in the industry today.''

Among the products exhibited at the Forum were:

•A surgical assist mechanism for holding endoscopes and performing light retraction during surgery.

•A magnetic resonance pain treatment technology.

•Oxygen sensors and analyzers.

•Temperature control system for perioperative applications.

•Safety blood collection systems.

•Laparoscopic and endoscopic surgical instruments.

•A guidewire management system.

•Orthopedic soft bracing and mastectomy products.

•A non-invasive, direct arterial blood pressure monitoring system.

•Ergonomically designed trocar and cannula systems.

•Systems for high-flow, non-invasive delivery of respiratory gases.

•High-quality disposables for labor and delivery, and pediatric and neonatal ICU.

•Ergonomically designed patient handling systems.

Back to Business Basics

The association offered a series of seminars designed to be of value to both specialty distributors and manufacturers, including:

•How Do Medical Device Innovations Find Their Way to Market?

•Three Essential Elements of Successful Manufacturer/Distributor Contracts.

•Using Technology to Focus on Your Customer.

•An Internet Meeting Place for Manufacturers and Specialty Sales and Marketing Companies.

•How to Stuff Your E-Mail Inbox with Hot Sales Prospects.

•Outsourcing Human Resources.

The ''Back to Business Basics'' theme of the Annual Conference was designed to appeal to IMDA members as business owners, not just specialty medical products suppliers, said Conference Chairman Tom Zurenko of Castle Rock, CO-based Vital/Med Systems Corp. Sessions on banking and on seizing non-traditional market opportunities were typical of the Conference fare.

Also, for the first time, the association sponsored breakout sessions by subspecialty. ''We are a diverse group,'' said Zurenko. ''Our members represent a variety of specialties, including surgery, anesthesia/respiratory, orthopedics, cardiovascular and others. These breakouts just build upon the networking and camaraderie that exist within each one.''

Next year's Annual Management Conference will be held during the third week of June. At press time, the organization was working out the location.

For more information on IMDA, visit the organization's website at www.imda.org.