Henry Schein 2001 A Sales Odyssey

Edition: August 2001 - Vol 9 Number 08
Article#: 1020
Author: Repertoire

MIAMI, FL --Henry Schein's Fourth Annual National Sales Meeting, ''A Sales Odyssey'' was held at The Doral Resort, home of one of golf's most competitive professional events. The setting was fitting, as the Henry Schein Medical sales team showed a competitive streak worthy of the surroundings. It was their chance to step back and take a look at what their hard work, and competitive nature, has produced – and it's impressive.

Evenings were filled with exciting entertainment and food that included whole lobsters and T-Bone steaks to celebrate the success of 2000. Vendor partners and Sales Consultants from all over the U.S. bonded with their peers while dancing into the night.

''I would like to thank all of our vendor partners for supporting our national sales meeting . . . without them it would not be possible,'' said Mary-Anne Disimile, Marketing Director for Caligor. Vendors put on creative and informative presentations, at which the reps listened with excited interest. One Sales Consultant, Mark Christopher, walked away with $5,000 for answering the most questions correctly about the vendor presentations, in the debut of the ''It Pays to Listen'' contest. The meeting closed with balloons filled with $10, $5 and single dollar bills floating from the ceiling.

''We are the largest distributor of healthcare products to office-based practitioners,'' stated Stanley Bergman, Schein's president and CEO. ''Our low cost, high service model has attracted over 400,000 customers who have increased their spending with us four-fold over the past five years.'' In 2000 the Medical Group racked up sales of $848 million, which was 11% higher than 1999, and improved the gross profit by 110 basis points over 1999.

The company, including the Dental, International and Technology divisions, achieved total 2000 sales volume of $2.4 billion, racking up 31% compound annual growth over the last five years, according to Bergman. During that time net income grew from $9 million to $70 million and positive cash flow for 2000 was over $150 million.

''We will continue to do things differently than our competitors to achieve greater value for our customers and superior profits for the company,'' said Bergman. Mike Racioppi, the Medical Group president agreed adding, ''we do something that our competitors can't and our Sales Consultants reap the benefits in high commission checks - we ship orders 98% complete, on time, in one box, every time.''

Racioppi laid out some of the Medical Group's strategy, which includes an expansion of the field sales organization into areas of the country they currently are not covering. ''We can continue to grow our sales significantly above industry rates,'' said Racioppi. ''As we expand our sales force, we will also focus on decreasing our operating costs as a percentage of sales, improve our acquisition cost of product, reducing the price to our customers and increasing gross profit for our Sales Consultants.

The goal, according to Racioppi, is quite simple. ''We will be the best-in-class full service company providing products and services to physicians.'' Judging from the results, they are well on their way.

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