Grogan's Healthcare Supply MedGames 2001

Edition: August 2001 - Vol 9 Number 08
Article#: 1017
Author: Repertoire

Grogan's Healthcare Supply of Lexington, KY recently hosted MedGames 2001, a vendor recognition event that included a friendly competition in a decathlon format. The vendor team was composed of 11 representatives recognized with the Ken Knapke Gold Medal Sales Support Award. These awards, named in honor of Grogan's recently retired Senior Account Manager with 37 years of service, went to individuals whose individual or corporate support of Grogan's sales activities made a valuable contribution to Grogan's sales success:

Larry Brechbuhl, Kendall Healthcare

Dana Burke, Mentor

Mike Cahill, Paper Pak

Paul Derham, Focus Medical Group/Independent Rep

Tony Dues, Midmark Corporation

Karen Heldt, Allegiance

Mike Lonnemann, Welch Allyn

John MacGuire, Roche Diagnostics

Craig Riley, Burdick Spacelabs

Kirk Stanley, 3M Healthcare

Steve Williams, FLA Orthopedic

The highest corporate award, the Chromium Award for Vendor Excellence, Integrity, and Equity, went to Welch Allyn. ''Our Chromium Award recognizes that adherence to principle and strength under pressure is critical to successful partnerships with independent medical distribution. Combining those properties with product innovation, sales excellence, and commitment to the level playing field, Welch Allyn, from their local rep to their upper management, has recognized the value that distribution stability and experience represent and strongly supports those relationships through their policies and practices,'' said Grogan's President Alan Grogan.

''MedGames started in concept as a vendor appreciation and recognition event with competition added for entertainment value since we were going to have to buy everyone's dinner anyway.'' Brian Taylor, publisher of Repertoire Magazine served as MedGames official, Mental Agility competition Master of Ceremonies, Cultural Agility (karaoke) judge, and basketball competition critic. He noted, ''The Games were a fun way to bring together manufacturer and distributor salespeople in an out of the workplace competition. There were several situations where I thought I might have to resuscitate one or more of these finely toned athletes, but fortunately Alan provided plenty of liquid refreshments to keep the teams properly hydrated particularly through the always grueling karaoke event.'' The Grogan's team (the ''Pros'') consisted of their sales and marketing staff, and Purchasing and Operations managers. The Pros swamped the vendor team (the ''Cons'') in seven of the ten events to win 99-52, to capture the MedGames inaugural Porcelain Bedpan trophy representing excellence in friendly healthcare competition.

Memorial moments from the games include:

•The Grogan's Pros won by one question in the Mental Agility event on the strength of knowing when the Hindu holy days started [we have had some internal dissension about whether this was the winning question], while the Cons kept it close on the strength of Burdick's Craig Riley correctly naming two of the many previous owners of his employer of 15 years (tough question posed by Brian Taylor).

•In the Golf Closest-Three-Shots-to-the-Pin event, where the vendor advantage should have been obvious and dramatic, the Pros barely edged the Cons by only 51/2'' in total distance, on the 14-feet from the pin 100-yard wedge shot of former HIDA Sales Rep of the Year (1992) Fred Parsons, a committed non-golfer.

•Paul Derham (Focus Medical Group), scored an upset in the table tennis competition and impressed all with his karaoke rendition of ''King of the Road'' to take the Cultural Agility solo competition over Pro Charlie Goggin's ''Wooly Bully.''

•Grogan's Pros winning the 3-match pool competition on a final match, 8-ball scratch by 3M's Kirk Stanley.

•Grogan's Pros won the fast-pitch softball batting competition with strong hitting from Charles Roberts and Alan Grogan, overcoming swinging for the fences by Midmark's Tony Dues and multiple whiffs by Welch Allyn's Mike Lonnemann.

•Allegiance DMG's Karen Heldt showed her 7th Grade Champion ping-pong form in dispatching Grogan's Rose Smith.

•The Cons basketball team showed superior depth and conditioning over the more mature Pros, with sharpshooters Craig Riley (Burdick), Mike Cahill (Paper Pak), and Steve Williams (FLA) leading the barrage.

•The ultimate contest, Tug O' War, had a dramatic reversal by the Pros resulting in an impressive win anchored by Fred Parsons and Randy Abner.

•Taking multiple liberalizations of the rules to allow the horseshoe competition to finish before dark, in the end, even the Mike Lonnemann (Welch Allyn)/Larry Brechbuhl (Kendall) defeat of the Parsons/Abner Pros combination could not wrest the event title from the Pros after wins by Tom Hill/Bud Grall over Kirk Stanley (3M)/John MacGuire (Roche) and Melanie Reeves/Charles Roberts over the Heldt/Derham shoe-flinging tandem.

Grogan concluded by saying ''Often, the perception of distribution is that our partnerships with vendors are one way streets – only what they can do for us. We wanted to say thank you to our most supportive vendors in a unique and entertaining way. We can see this as an annual event where we can have a lot of fun with the competitive activities and are already planning for next years competition.''