C.D. Medical Inc. Hartland, WI

Edition: August 2001 - Vol 9 Number 08
Article#: 1013
Author: Repertoire

Company founded:

November 1997.

Key company players:

Dave Mansmith started the company. He was joined by Barry Wormington in February 1998. Wormington came to C.D. Medical with over 30 years of experience in medical distribution.

Primary market:

Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan. We also conduct telemarketing sales in 38 states, focusing on private label products and specialty items for hospitals.

Number of sales reps:

We currently have 10 reps that call directly on their customers. This number has grown from two in 1997.

Annual sales volume:

We have had triple-digit growth for the past four years.

Educating sales reps:

We have in-house training, in-house vendor education programs, and hands-on field training with our vendor reps. We also use HIDA and NDC training programs in classes and on-line.

Do you have a website?

We are within weeks of completing our website. This site will enable us to better serve our customers and give us access to E-commerce. We believe this will not only help us become more visible, but also put us in touch with markets we cannot currently reach.

What impact will the Internet have on your business?

Although the ''big bang'' in business that everyone expected the Internet to start has not happened, I believe the Internet has, and will continue to, become a very important tool used by all successful businesses. In that the Internet is simply a tool, however, ''good old'' business practices will still have to prevail.

What has been the biggest change in your customers' buying habits over the past three years?

As always, the biggest thing customers continue to watch is pricing. But, one change we have seen over the last three years is that the customer, above all, is demanding service and appears to be willing to pay slightly more for that service.

Where do you envision your company in five to 10 years?

Today, we have a seasoned sales force with more than 100 years of combined experience. Our service employees are well trained, with many of them having over 15 years of experience to contribute.

We would like to take C.D. Medical to the next level, with continued growth and possibly an acquisition in the upper Midwest area. Within 10 years, we expect to be a large Midwest distributor for the long-term care and physician office markets and offer our customers high-level service with the best-trained sales force a company can have.

For more information about C.D. Medical, contact Barry Wormington at (262) 369-0400, (262) 369-0402 fax, or bwmgtn@cdmedical.com.